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NAF Human Resources Office

Building 3197 Goss Rd
256-876-7772 256-842-0967

HOURS: Mon-Fri 0800-1530, Closed on all Federal Holidays

CPAC - Non Appropriated Funded (NAF) Personnel Office



  1. LOG ONTO: Army Civilian Services

If you have any questions, please ask a NAF Human Resources Office Representative at 842-0967 or 876-7772

WHERE TO APPLY: Candidates must submit DA Form 3433, or a resume and a DA Form 3433-1, for each position applied for, to the NAF Human Resources Office, Building 3197, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. if you are applying for a position working with children and youth, a DA 3433-2 must also be filled out and turned in with the application. Candidates with prior active military service must have the original copy of their latest DD Form 214 showing the nature and character of discharge verified and copy for submission with the application. Military spouses who wish to apply based on preference must submit a copy of their sponsor's PCS orders. To obtain credit for education a copy of the original transcript must be verified and submitted with the application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


  • What is Nonappropriated Fund (NAF)?

    It is a Department of Defense organizational entity which provides or assists in providing morale, welfare and recreational programs for active duty military, retired military, DOD Civilians and contractors. Some of the NAF activities at Redstone (just to name a few) are Child Development Center, Arts and Crafts Branch, Challenger Club, Officers' Club and Post Restaurant.

  • Who can apply for NAF employment?

    Anyone! Civilians, active and retired military, military spouses and dependents can apply and be considered for employment. Once you submit an application for employment, it remains active for 90 days unless: 1) you are selected for employment; 2) you decline the position you applied for; 3) this office cannot contact you because of insufficient address or phone number; or 4) you are not qualified for the position.

  • Application Instructions:

    a. Fill out all pages of the application completely and legibly.

    b. Indicate the announcement number(s) of the position(s) you are applying for in block #1 of the application form. You may put one announcement number per application. Your application will be filed by the announcement number(s), not your name. To check on your application you will need to remember the announcement number (s) so we can find it in the file.

    c. If you have a completed resume, we can attach it to your application. Previous work experience and education indicated on your resume need not be repeated on the application.

    d. Each job has qualification requirements. Please review the announcement to see what these requirements are. When you apply for a position please include any experience that indicates you have the qualifications required. It is important when giving a description of duties for previous employment that you explain in detail what you did. This helps us to determine if what you did previously relates to the job you are applying for. It is also important to indicate how long you did these duties. Many of our jobs require that you have done a particular duty for a certain period of time.

    e. If you served in the military you are required to give us a copy of your DD214. We cannot process your application without it.

    f. Be sure application is signed and dated.

  • Are there preferences in hiring?

    Yes, the following preferences are given in the order of priority:

    Reinstatement Eligible - Former NAF employees are considered to be reinstatement eligible if employed by any DOD Nonappropriated Fund activity within 3 years of previous employment with a NAF activity. In order to use this preference, applicant must furnish a copy of DA Form 3434 (personnel action) or proof of prior Nonappropriated Fund employment. This preference offers noncompetitive appointment, provided the selecting official elects to select the applicant. This preference does not guarantee employment, however, it does guarantee consideration.

    Spouse Employment Preference (SEP) - This priority program applies only to the spouse (husband or wife) of an active duty military member of the Armed Forces, including the Coast Guard and national Guard or Reserves on active duty, who has received PCS orders to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. To be eligible for SEP, the spouse must have been married to the sponsor before the sponsor received official PCS orders and must provide the Civilian Personnel Office a copy of the PCS orders. Eligibility time period begins 30 days before the sponsor's reporting date and continues during the entire tour, or upon acceptance or declination of a position offer, whichever occurs first. However, it is the policy of this office that SEP will not be granted during the last 6 months of the sponsor's tour. An applicant eligible for SEP status who elects to use other priority programs, such as Veterans Preference, Reinstatement Eligible or Handicap, have been considered to have used their SEP status and will not have future SEP rights. SEP can only be invoked one time during the entire PCS tour. When an eligible spouse has accepted or declined an offer of a position within either the Army Nonappropriated Fund (NAF), Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) or Appropriated Fund (APF), Spouse Employment preference cannot be evoked again during the PCS tour. As an exception to the above, temporary positions expected to be less than one year in duration does not preclude further consideration under the SEP program. SEP can not be used for positions expected to be of less than one year duration.

    Involuntary Separated Military (ISM) and their Family Members - Members of the Armed Services who are involuntarily separated on or after 5 November 1990 under other than adverse conditions are entitled to hiring preference. This preference also applies to family members of an involuntary separated military. To be eligible, the ISM must provide their ID card for verification purposes and eligible family members must furnish a copy of DD 1173 form. ISM can be invoked only once. This preference is terminated upon placement in or declination of (whichever occurs first) a NAF position for which application is made.

    Veterans Preference - This priority program applies to honorably discharged veterans who entered the military service prior to 14 October 1976 or who have served in a campaign or expedition with minimum service time requirements and whose qualifications place him/her among the available qualified applicants. Military members retired for length of service who were serving in grade 0-4 or above are not entitled to this preference unless the individual is a disabled veteran. To be eligible for Veterans Preference, the applicant must furnish the Civilian Personnel Office a copy of their last DD Form 214 (Notice of Discharge). This preference applies only to initial employment and does not apply to inservice placement action.

  • What categories of employment does NAF offer?

    Regular Full Time (40 hours per week guaranteed)
    Regular Part-time (20-39 hours per week guaranteed)
    Flexible (0-40 hours per week, no guarantee)

    Regular Full Time and Regular Part-time employees serve a probationary period. They are eligible to participate in the group medical/dental/life insurance program, retirement plan and 401(k) savings plan. They accrue annual and sick leave and are eligible for holiday leave.

    Flexible employees work at the pleasure of management and are not guaranteed any hours per week. They may work anywhere between 0-40 hours per week as scheduled by management. They are not eligible for any benefits programs and do not accrue annual or sick leave. They may be separated at any time with an advanced notice of seven calendar days. This category of employment is used extensively within the NAF system primarily due to the nature of the business.

  • Can I work more than one NAF position?

    Yes, but a NAF employee is subject to prohibition against dual pay and employment in the Federal service. A NAF civilian employee is not entitled to receive basic pay from more than one position, whether an Appropriated Fund, NAF or AAFES position, for more than a aggregate of 40 hours of work in one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). Installation commanders may approve exceptions, but only in special circumstances when personal services otherwise cannot be readily obtained for the position in question.

    No employee may serve concurrently in more than one part-time position. This prohibition does not preclude the use of multiple appointments, including one part-time and one or more flexible appointments, provided the total number of hours worked each week does not exceed 40. Any hours worked in excess of 40 hours a week will be reimbursed to the US Treasury Department. It is the responsibility of the employee working dual appointments to insure the combined hours worked does not exceed 40 per week.

  • As an Active Duty Military, may I work for NAF in my off-duty hours?

    Only active duty enlisted personnel may be employed in a flexible or part-time position during their off duty hours. In addition, you must furnish a Commanding Officer's statement of approval before you can be considered for any position.

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